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Certified Notary Resources

Pavaso Certification

Pavaso certification provides a potential path to increased closings. Please click the below Button  and become Pavaso Certified 

Path to the Approved List

Requires an approved  background check & Certification from NNA. Click  below Find Out More Button  and you will be directed to NNA.

Registration & Fidelity Approval Docs

Paid immediately for error free work. By clicking the below button you will be directed to the registration portal. Click HERE for Fidelity Docs 

Code of Responsibility | Study

If you are not familiar with this code, please take a few minutes and study it.  It was constructed  by our industry peers.

State by State Notary Updates

 Review the latest State information regarding notary laws.  Stay abreast of current law in your state. NNA Hotline  support 1-888-876-0827. 

NNA Notary Bulletin and Lawsuits

A Notary’s worst nightmare is being named in a lawsuit. It happens more than you might think and it can lead  to substantial losses. Read These cases.

Background Check Requirements for Notaries


 In order to be CFPB compliant - meeting all lender and title company certification requirements, Doc Signers requires that all Third Party Notary Vendors meet the updated requirements of the lenders and large national title companies which have now instituted Background Check and Certification requirements for ALL notaries that want to perform signings for their firms. 

By comparison, through the NNA Certified Notary Signing Agent program with background screening, Notary Signing Agents need not undergo a separate screening for each of the major lenders, because it is universally accepted by participating lenders and title firms.

The BGC is now required to be renewed once a year.  Make sure to watch for your annual renewal notification! It is generally sent about 60 days prior to cancellation. 


The NNA’s certification program includes an industry-required BGC screening & certification exam.
The NNA’s certification program includes an industry-required BGC screening & certification exam.