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A true 24/7 365 provider. When you call  we answer.  Place an order ~ immediate response!

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We meet and in many cases exceed all of the ongoing 3rd party compliance requirements.

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We can help with obtaining notary service anywhere in the world! Call 844.SIGNERS 

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While our goal is to deliver a more efficient signing experience, compliance and security are at the forefront of our business practices.  

Resware Integrated

Reduce workload and save time using ResWare to automate the settlement process. Clients love ability to interact directly.

$1,000,000.00 E&O

Our policy covers all of our agents and we will immediately submit as required. Additionally, our Accord Proof of Insurance is linked in our emails


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Since 1997 Doc Signers LLC has provided our Real Estate Industry partners with a level of service  often missing with third party service vendors. If you select Doc Signers for your mobile notary provider, you start a relationship of excellence. Not just a finding a closing agent. We seek to establish the perfect workout for your particular situation that best meets your individual needs. The below button will direct you to a few of our most recent satisfied Escrow agents who had

 Mission Impossible Closings. Additionally references are available from 20 years of satisfied Title, Lenders, and Real Estate Brokers.

  • Some of the benefits our clients enjoy include:
  • NEW! Web Cam Notary Service | Worldwide! 
  • 24/7 direct access to company principals
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Less than 1 hour notary assignments are put on emergency status
  • Choose  our Scan Back option if you need docs immediately for table funding's etc
  • Certified and CFPB compliant
  • Closing Agent coverage in all 50 states & now International Web Can Notary! 

We believe that integrity matters. Without integrity you are ultimately, in one way or another, destined to failure. Doing the right thing isn’t always the easy path but it is the best path to success. The Doc Signers brand has been built by applying the virtues of integrity. Especially in today’s world of anything goes. We have a fiduciary duty to our client’s customers, and business partners to hold to the highest standards in the industry.

Michael Cantin | Founder

Notary Resources

Code of Responsibility

If you are not familiar with this code, please take a few minutes and study it.  It was constructed  by our industry peers.

Docs for Approved List

To be added to our Approved list you must have an approved BGC completed and sign and scan back the attached docs in this download. 

Approved Background Check

Fidelity Title company requires full vetting of all notaries through their approved sources. Below button will direct you to application

Free Notary Portal Registration

Paid immediately for error free work. By clicking the below button you will be directed to our registration portal. 

State by State Notary Updates

Review the latest State information regarding notary laws.  Stay abreast of current law in your state. NNA Hotline  support 1-888-876-0827. 

About Notaries and Lawsuits

A Notary’s worst nightmare is being named in a lawsuit. It happens more than you might think and it can lead  to substantial losses. Read These cases.

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