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Document & Quality Control

With new CFPB regulations now in effect, you need to be assured your settlement solution provider can offer your customers the peace of mind of operating in a secure environment. Our secure ordering portal  and Doc Signers meets that challenge for our clients. Additionally, Doc Signers utilizes on site shredding by  All documents are safely destroyed. 


Using our secure portal helps these providers and their lenders mitigate risk in a number of ways:

  1. We Move our Clients Away from Email
    Sending documents over email is definitely NOT secure and NOT compliant. By using the portal, our clients immediately have a better system.
  2. Documents are Securely Transferred
    Signing and notary documents containing sensitive information are protected throughout the process of transfer. The documents are transmitted over https and stored in an encrypted state.
  3. Documents are Securely Stored
    Our portal uses Amazon Web Services for its storage. Amazon offers one of the most secure and reliable database systems available. Amazon maintains servers in multiple locations to ensure back up in the case of natural disasters or fires that could damage servers.
  4. Sensitive Information is Encrypted
    The consumers’ non-public private information is stored in encrypted fields, which protects the information in case of attack.
  5. Access to Information is Highly Restricted
    Access to private consumer information is restricted to its highest clearance employees and tracks and records all instances of access to its database. Companies often need notaries’ non-public information, such as their w9 and SSN. Snapdocs restricts access to this information until after notaries and companies have engaged in business together.
  6. Audit Trails
    Our portal tracks the important events that occur on each order, creating a trail that would be critical in the case of an audit. For instance, clients know when notaries have downloaded documents and there is a record kept for every time actions like this are taken.